jwave Chats Code of Conduct

 jwave Chats are online forums for families with Jewish children in the same year group(s) and school and/or geographic community to connect with each other.

It is a safe space for authentic conversation between parents raising Jewish teenagers and is where you can connect your children to others, inform each other about and make plans to attend Jewish happenings together, gain support from others and so on. 

Please treat conversations in jwave’s Chats like you would those at a dinner party by being polite and respectful at all times

jwave embraces all families who seek Jewish connections. We pride ourselves on unity without the need for uniformity and in lifting each other up with support. All conversations in jwave’s Chats must be consistent with these values of inclusivity and kindness.

Please always be respectful of others’ differences, needs, views and backgrounds. 

Each jwave Chat is intended to serve a community of parents. Here’s a few Golden Rules to help make this possible:

  • Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group Chat. Switch to private messages instead.

  • Be mindful of sending responses only when necessary. For example, if a message asks for a positive response like an RSVP, don’t reply in the negative. Likewise, if someone asks a question and you don’t know the answer, don’t respond with “I don’t know.” Just wait for someone who knows the answer to reply. 
  • There’s no need to send in a hundred “thank you” messages. If you feel gratitude towards someone – tell them in a private message.

  • Before sending a video, picture, meme or any content, first analyse if it will be in the interest of the majority of the members of the Chat. No one likes a Spammer!

  • A group chat is not a political platform. Avoid arguing, heated opinions, fear mongering, hyped up drama and fake news. Check your sources before you share.

  • This is not the appropriate forum for marketplace-type posts or for promoting or sharing advertisements from a business – if you think a business is consistent with jwave’s aim, contact your Chat Connector or jwave before posting about it (these are your Chat admins).

  • Do not share private or confidential information about a minor or anyone else in the Chat.

  • Never EVER use the Chat to berate someone else or air grievances.

By agreeing to join a jwave Chat, you are consenting to this Code of Conduct. 

If at any time you think someone has acted contrary to this Code of Conduct, please raise it immediately with your Chat Connector or WhatsApp message or email jwave. 

You are also free to leave our WhatsApp Groups at any time. Please also note that as a member of the Chat others will be able to see your phone number, profile picture and profile name.

jwave reserves the right to remove anyone who we believe breaches this Code of Conduct. But please also be aware that due to WhatsApp’s functionality, we are not able to check any posts before they are distributed within a group chat, and we do not have the capacity to remove a post once it is distributed.

We hope that you enjoy using jwave’s Chats to form stronger Jewish connections and create community for your family. We are delighted to have you here!

Connecting FAMILIES. Creating COMMUNITY.

jwave is powered by BJE which is a member of the JCA Family of Communal Organisations.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of Australia, and pay respect to all Elders - past, present and emerging.

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