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jwave relies on parent volunteers to create an inclusive and vibrant community and help strengthen our sense of belonging. One way we do this is by having volunteer Chat Connectors in each jwave Chat.

This is a really rewarding and easy way to create connections and build community for our families.


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Chat Connector FAQs

What are jwave Chat Connectors and how do they make a difference?

jwave Chat Connectors are volunteer community builders and Chat administrators. They build a stronger feeling of community by ensuring jwave Chats are an inclusive and safe forum for parents to form new/deeper connections and receive/provide support or advice.

jwave Chat Connectors serve as a connection point for families entering a new geographic area or school (outside of traditional intake periods) by personally welcoming these families to the school and helping to answer their questions.

It is a heartwarming and impactful role for those who participate.

What is the time commitment?

Serving as a jwave Chat Connector such an important role in building our community, and is also a low-time commitment one! We anticipate a maximum of 1-2 hours on the Chats per month (and much less if there are multiple Chat Connectors in your Chat), and it’s all virtual.

What do Chat Connectors do exactly?

jwave Chat Connectors create connections and community in their Chat by:

  • Sharing the Chat link with Jewish parents in your chat cohort;
  • Welcoming new families to the Chat;
  • Reaching out via phone to any families who join their school/community outside of traditional in take periods;
  • Stimulating conversation in ways that can help form points of connection;
  • Organising to provide support to any family within the Chat going through a hard time such a sickness or death;
  • Encouraging families or their kids to go to Jewish communal events together;
  • Sharing information about relevant communal events and offerings to the Chat; and
  • Creating a supportive environment that is in line with jwave’s values of inclusivity and kindness.

Chat Connectors are also part of their own Chat Connector WhatsApp Group where they will come to each other for advice and sharing of information.

What are the requirements?

Chat Connectors are made admin of the Chat (alongside jwave and any other Chat Connectors in your Chat) and are able to share the Chat link with other families who are of the same cohort.

There is also some minor record-keeping of the parent name, phone number and child’s name (and school if applicable) on Google Sheets to help jwave keep a track of who is in the Chat (for security purposes).

We also ask Chat Connectors to keep track on the Google Sheet of the families whom they call to welcome to the school/community.

jwave Chat Connectors also must promptly alert jwave to any potentially problematic discussion in the Chat. There is a Code of Conduct that everyone in the Chat is asked to follow.

All Chat Connectors will be asked to sign a standard volunteer agreement with jwave and read/sign a Chat Connector Guide. (These are not yet available, but will be distributed as soon as they are ready.)

In addition, jwave may also send through some emails, optional trainings or other opportunities available to help you make the most out of your experience as a Chat Connector.

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